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Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda is one of the world's leading brands of glassware and art glass. Technology and an understanding of glass have been refined here, in the heart of the forests in the Swedish province of Smaland, ever since 1742. In the small villages of Kosta, Boda and Afors comes the extraordinary craftsmanship of everyday objects and collectibles characterized by manual work and a cutting-edge design. Behind every object, from the most colorful and curious to most classical, there is a story, told through the creativity and expertise of internationally renowned artists, true icons of the art glass, as Bertil Vallien and Kjell Engman. Each Kosta Boda creation combines tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and design. The wide proposal of glasses for every occasion and for every drink, absolutely unique objects of decoration and original pieces of art are inspired by the magical atmosphere of the North. Kosta Boda is a triumph of glass in all its forms, a modern application of a tradition that has nearly three hundred years of experience. Kosta Boda is true passion.